Garage Door Pricing Guidelines

Quality & Performance

Insulated garage doors, uninsulated garage door, super-duper insulated garage doors. No problem! Each garage door design is offered in multiple levels of quality. Choose your design first and select your prefered quality in Step 3. The more insulation the more expensive the door... and the better it is built!

A style and variety that's right for you; quality and pricepoint to fit your budget. Upgrading to an insulated door is affordable and, ultimately, gets you a better product at the end of the day.


Dress it Up

You know that favorite sweater you have? Finally finding the perfect garage door has that same warm-cozy feeling. Although, the garage door shopping experience may feel overwhelming you'll quickly narrow down your favorite designs --- and don't forget to use the Favorites feature.

Most color options do not increase the price of your garage door (aside from the uber modern Medium Woodgrain and Dark Woodgrain patterns). Windows, on the other hand, do add to the price of a door system - and your doors overall curb appeal, too. If purchasing windows, choose from single pane, insulated glass, or opaque/obscure glass by model.


Life is Good

Keys? Check. Let's go... Did we leave the garage door open?

 Remote control and monitors for your system.

 Industry leading brands LiftMaster® and Linear™

 Keyless/password protected entry pads.


Hurricane and Wind Load Garage Doors

The garage door is often the largest opening in the home and the most important for retaining your homes integrity during tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornados. Most Amarr garage doors are available in specific wind pressure ratings. Check with your local building permit offices for compliance - typical in Florida, Texas, and other costal states.